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Do you want to, Be a more effective Leader, Create more wealth in your life or Live a life of happiness and abundance? Welcome to your Life!

Michel Briar’s programs are some of the best at teaching people how to realize and reach their personal and professional goals both faster and easier than they ever thought possible. Michel will teach you how to use the power of sub conscious reprogramming and self-mastery to build your business and drive sales, overcome fears and limitations and how to become more powerful and effective in your everyday life.

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Michel has worked with people from companies and organizations all over the world, including the following

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Motivational Minutes with Michel Briar is a complimentary weekly 1-2 minute quick audio clip. Giving you the energy and the positive reinforcement needed to get through whatever might come your way over the coming week. Remember your life was meant to be an adventure and this weekly reminder of how to live a happy and fulfilling life is only the beginning! It's Michel's special gift being offered to you at no cost, so there's nothing to lose! Unsubscribe any time you wish.


You are your biggest obstacle!
Enjoy the Journey
Your Life is Determined on 10% of what Happens to You and 90% of How You React!
Whether you think you can or you think you can't. YOU CAN!
Deal With What Emerges
Everything is Temporary!
What you put out is what you get back!



$ 499 /month

This course will dive deep into the 3 areas of your life that control everything you do and have. Here you will learn the secrets of millionaires and multi-millionaires. You will learn exactly what it is that they do that put them in the top 3% group of money makers. You will also learn how some people seem to have it all and why that is true in both their personal and professional life. You will also understand the art and science of Influence and Manifestation. You will also learn the single thing that done on a regular basis will change your life forever!

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$ 249 /month

This course is your first step in getting your life back. In this course you will learn the fundamental tools needed to begin living a life of success. This course will focus on the 3 most important areas of your life, your relationships, both personal and professional, your money, learn the secrets of how you can begin closing every person you talk to on whatever it is you're selling, and finally, your own personal well-being. The single most important thing you can do for yourself is to have Self Mastery. With that, you can begin breaking down the walls around you in every area of your life.


To program yourself every day to have the life you want

To create happiness in yours and other lives

To start on the road of financial freedom

To instantly inspire and gain rapport with anyone you meet

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$ 49 /one time

Free yourself from all the bad programming you have endured over the course of your life and start living the life you were always meant to live! This course is 4 weeks long and includes 4 audio lessons sent to you on 4 consecutive Mondays. You will spend the rest of that week integrating those lessons into your everyday life. This course is designed to get you in the mind set needed to begin your transformation into the person you were meant to be. These 4 lessons are the foundation to changing your life and living the life you were meant to live. If you don't have everything you want then you NOW NEED THIS!


4 Weekly Lessons

Lays the foundation to begin the process of reprogramming your mind for success

Learn the single most important thing you should be doing to live a happier more fulfilling life

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What people say

Armand B.

I have taken NLP in the past. After working with you I have to say that my wife and I are very grateful. My wife is already very creative and astute but it’s like it’s been turned up not just a notch but a few notches and for her that is huge. From me and my wife, Thank you, thank you, thank you…


If you could see how much I have been moving forward in my on business and the connections I’ve been making, after working with you, its phenomenal..


Phil A.

Anytime I lose focus, I just revert back to the technics in Michel Briar’s training programs and it always puts me right back on track.

The things I learned in Michel Briar’s programs have changed my life completely.
Since learning the technics and tools in Michel Briar’s programs I have lost over 75lbs and I’m making more money now then I have ever made.

Gail E.

I’ve been very fortunate to spend many hours in deep therapeutic conversation with Michel Briar as he progressively lead me to re-program my sub-conscious mind and deal with a serious injury, one that I was told needed surgery.  Thanks to the teachings of Michel I now understand how powerful my mind really is.  How you deal with pain is a choice, and I now understand that I can control that and many areas of my life.  Our mind is our own powerful source and to be taught how to REALLY use it is “life changing and enriching.” Michel will be my life coach and advisor as I travel the rest of this journey. 

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