Michel’s Journey

Michel Briar is quickly becoming one of the most sought after keynote speakers in the country. His amazing story of growing up extremely poor and living in a converted chicken coop to flying around in private jets is inspiring and motivating. Michel will teach you how to use the power of sub conscious reprogramming and self-mastery to build your business and drive sales, overcome fears and limitations and how to become more powerful and effective in your everyday life.

While working with his mentor, over 20 years ago, Michel helped teach these amazing techniques to fortune 500 companies, helping their sales teams increase revenue and become more effective leaders. Michel refined these techniques and developed his own unique system to increase the results and help people get more out of their lives and their businesses and now he will show you exactly how powerful these techniques can be for you. Michel has worked with people from CIG Financial, Dial America and Seko Logistics, etc. Michel has also worked with members of the US Military to overcome fears and phobias. Over the past decade Michel has worked with a number of companies generating millions of dollars in sales revenue.

Michel was born the youngest of 10 children, on a farm in Michigan where his mother raised him and his 9 older brothers and sisters, all while she was working 3 jobs at one time. In his life Michel has experienced such hardships as no running water, no electricity, and no telephone, and no car. Part of his time as a child was even spent living in a house with his brothers and sisters that was an old converted chicken coop. Through it all he learned a very important lesson and that was the importance of influence and leadership through adversity. Michel decided at a very young age that he would do whatever it takes to not go through the pain and hardships his mother went through and instead teach people how they too can have a life filled with happiness and live a life of “I did” instead of “What if”.

At the age of only 10 Michel, along with his twin brother began doing Magic and were often used as magician’s assistance in their older brother’s magic shows. At 12 years old Michel and his twin brother won first place in a South West Magic competition. It was then that Michel realized the power and love of performing and being in front of an audience. Michel spent his High School years attending the School of Creative and Performing Arts in San Diego where he studied both vocal and instrumental music. By 16 Michel had discovered hypnosis and after hypnotizing his first subject he realized the power of the subconscious mind and how it can positively affect and change people’s life’s. It was from that moment, that Michel knew that it was his passion and responsibility to help as many people as he could get what they want and live the life they were put on this earth to live.

Michel’s love of people and his passion for making a difference is just a small sample of what separates him from the typical keynote speaker.


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